Top 10 Tips for Optimal Nutrition During Your Rides

Top 10 Tips for Optimal Nutrition During Your Rides

Here are my 10 best tips on getting your nutrition on point for your rides.
  1. Start Strong with Breakfast: Begin your day with a nourishing breakfast like a bowl of porridge. Allow at least 2 hours before riding to ensure proper digestion and energy for your journey.

  2. Match Ride Length and Fueling: For rides under 90 minutes, your body's carbohydrate stores should suffice. Longer rides demand early and consistent fuel intake to sustain energy levels.

  3. Fuel from the Get-Go: Don't wait until you're hungry. Consume food right from the start for rides exceeding 90 minutes. Maintain a steady energy supply to avoid bonking.

  4. Frequent, Timed Snacking: Aim to eat every 20-30 minutes, regardless of hunger. These snacks are investments for the miles ahead, not just immediate needs.

  5. Embrace Smaller Snacks: Opt for easily digestible snacks like half an energy bar, a bite-sized panini, fig rolls, or a handful of nuts and raisins. These keep energy levels steady without weighing you down.

  6. Sync Pacing and Nutrition: Balance your pacing to enable effective digestion. If you can hold a conversation, you're in the right zone to eat and maintain energy levels.

  7. Strategic Gel Use: Save energy gels for crucial moments, such as tough climbs or late in the ride. Real food offers sustained energy release and is gentler on the stomach.

  8. Stay Hydrated: Sip water or a sports drink every 10-15 minutes, especially during rides exceeding 90 minutes. Adjust intake based on weather, intensity, and sweat rate, aiming for around 500 ml per hour.

  9. Post-Ride Recovery: For rides under 90 minutes, focus on normal meals post-ride. After longer rides, kickstart recovery with a protein drink if your next meal is over an hour away.

  10. Train Your Nutrition: Practice your fueling strategy during training to discover what suits you best. Avoid trying new foods on event day and familiarize yourself with feed-station options in advance.

Remember, optimal nutrition enhances your cycling experience. By implementing these 10 tips, you'll power through your rides with sustained energy and improved performance.

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