How to open my e-book file

You have purchased an e-book or a bundle containing an e-book.

Find out how to read your new e-book.

Apple ios - Use the application Apple books, get i here.

Android  - Use the application Google play books, get it here.

Download the e.pub3 file and open it through the application, it can take a while for it to load. NOTE - you must be on WIFI in order to download the file.

If you get a 403 Message, you have already downloaded the file on two IP adresses. Search for the file: 

E-book ENG Full book Cake cookbook 2022.epub

And proceed with the above guide.

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'403 Invalid Signature' error when clicking on a link

This is usually caused by Chrome apps installed on the browser that change the URL. How to fix it: pen up the downloads in an incognito window or a different browser to access them instantly.

Please make sure Ad Blocker is turned off, and if the issue persists, you will need to delete some Chrome apps one-by-one to find which app is causing the issue.




Enjoy the book.