Confession time: why I hate cake

Confession time: why I hate cake

Hey there, 

I have to tell you something. 

This might come as a shock to you - I freaking hate cake. 

You don't believe me? It is true. I am even writing a book about it.

I hate cake

Don’t get me wrong. I like to eat cake just as much as the rest of humanity. If you go out of your way to make me a delicious cake, I will absolutely eat it! However, the reality is that 99% of all cakes are just plain old boring, made with refined sugar and flour and well yes, refined everything - and honestly, I am so sick of it - to tell you the truth, I am rooting for the use of vegetables and whole foods. 

My problem with “normal” cake is that it is TOO FUCKING EASY to wow people with the most plain cake topped with screaming sweet and barely flavoured icing, that spikes your blood sugar like nobody's business.

I can’t help thinking if we as humans are genetically programmed to be attracted to cake and just crave SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR in tall circular shapes, because of its crack-like effect on our brain. Cakes are almost always guaranteed to be an instant success - no matter how boring and dry and unimaginative they are - just add SUGAR and more SUGAR and wait also SUGAR and put some berries on it and voila - you can win a cake competition!!!!.
It’s a fact, People will always love cake. They love pictures of cake, videos of cake and the thought of cake even more than cake itself. Cake, cake, cake - Is it possible to OD on cake? 

I can’t take it anymore. I think it’s time we revolutionize cake baking once and for all.

Say no to boring old cake baking: MAKE CAKE GREAT AGAIN!


(... crickets…) 

Ok I get it. Railing against cake will not start a mass movement (or will it?). 

But can we please get rid of the quick fix SUGAR addled baked lumps referred to as cake? 

No sweet potato color is the new black.
What is your opinion? - Let me know.

Much love


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Did I mention I’m writing a book to end humanity's problems with cake.


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