Hannah's equipment favorites

Hello fellow equipment lover!

If you have landed here there is a big chance that you are interested in what type of equipment that I use. I will update the list with my latest favorites and new stuff if i add new things to the collection.

I have partnered up with some of my favorite brands, others I have bought -  you can check them all out here.

My basic electric appliances:
I love good equipment and my newest machines are from a few different brands.

The Food processor.
It's one of the most used items in my kitchen - I LOVE IT!!!!

It's a Sage Kitchen Wizz 15 pro.
Why is this great? 
You see it comes with slicers, shredders and has some serious watts, so it can pull whatever i put in it. It's great for making all of my root vegetable cakes from The Cake Cookbook.

The Mini Chopper
I have the mini version of  a cuisineart foodprocessor as a mini chopper, I replaced it in 2019 after my dear family members had tried making about 1 million datebars in it and basically burnt it out, instead of using the big food processor.... Oh well - this is the new model, I have an older version.

The blender
I have a Blendtec designer 625, it's a BEAST!!! I've also had it since 2016, where I did a danish Tour de France TV show, cooking a new dish EVERY day for the whole Tour.
The amazing thing about this blender is that it blends dry stuff into powder in no time and it also has a small blender glass with little arms that is extremely useful for all of my date icings and pastes.

The pressure cooker
It might be the ugliest device I have in my house, but OMG it's sooo amazing!!
The Steba pressure cooker makes stock, osso buco or any braised dish in under an hour - which means I can have the most amazing dinners ready in no time.
Because I have a pressure cooker, I make stocks at home - because I can just fill it up and set the timer and then I have the most amazing stock 1 hour later without me having to do anything. I honestly really love it - but it takes up a full big drawer, since there is no way I'm letting it stand on my kitchen counter permanently.


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