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The Cake Cookbook (Eng.)

The Cake Cookbook (Eng.)

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The Cake Cookbook - cakes for riders

Learn how to bake great cakes for racing and training.

Optimize performance by fuelling right with delicious and easy cakes and bars
Learn how to bake cakes that are: 
👉 Gluten-free 👉 No added sugars 👉 Dairy free  👉 Vegan

Now you can eat your cake and have your veggies too. Featuring: The endurance pie, The podium pie, The Race Cakes and the climbers cake.

Learn how to turn plain vegetables into delicious cakes by using:

🥕 Carrots
🍠 Sweet potato
🥔 Potato

Anyone can bake a cake with flour, sugar and eggs... too easy and way too boring.
No, real winners bake with vegetables! (and you're a winner!)

Made for Endurance training
The Cake Cookbook teaches you how to bake delicious cakes with vegetables, designed for endurance training and fine tuned so the whole family will eat them all and ask for more. 

Perfect for your dinner party or event,
All cakes can be baked for training in portion sizes or for social gatherings with delicious spreads on top.

👉 144 pages with more than 40 recipes.
👉 No use of artificial sweeteners
👉 Nutrition info is available
👉 Cakes are sweetened with a combination of sweet potato, dates, banana, honey and maple syrup. It's not all sweeteners are used in all cakes at once, it might be only dates and sweet potato or dates and honey.

All cakes are approved by men and women of all ages, kids and old people too 🧁

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